Check out the new CD released by the Orange County Klezmers, "Echoes of Vilna." You can order this compilation of instrumental arrangements written by musicians of Vilna and other ghettos. This CD includes a 12 page booklet with a historical perspective of the music, a brief history of Vilna and a detailed description of each song.

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Until Our Last Breath

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"Echoes of Vilna" Music Samples

  1. Ani Ma’amin
  2. Tzi Darf Es Azoy Zayn, In Lager
  3. Kinder Yorn
  4. Rivkele Di Shabesdike
  5. Habeyt Mishomayim Ur'ey
  6. Es Brent
  7. Friling
  8. Mach Tzu Di Eygelech
  9. Zol Shoyn Dumen Di G'ulo, Am Yisroel Chay
  10. Yisrolik
  11. In Slabotker Yeshive, Bombes, Az A Libe Shpiln, Zog Mir Du Geto Yidl 
  12. Vu Ahin Zol Ich Geyn
  13. Itzik Witenberg, Tzu Eyns Tzvey Dray, Es Shlogt Di Sho
  14. Zog Nit Keynmol
  15. Froyen

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