March 18, 2005

Mr. Barry Friedland
Orange County Klezmers

Dear Barry,

The Tenth anniversary of the Orange County Chanukah Concert at the Orange County Performing Arts Center by all the press and response was the greatest and best yet. Your involvement by providing the great Klezmer music at the beginning and during intermission put everyone in a very festive mood. They were already singing and dancing by the time they entered the auditorium and found their seats.

I want you and your Klezmers to know the important part you played in the success of the Concert, not only this year but in the past years also. Your group has always been one of the highlights of the Concert and I want to thank you many times over for your great contribution. Your music is haunting and happy and always has been able to put everyone in a jovial and fun mood.

If you should ever require (although I doubt it) a reference don't hesitate to include me and the Chanukah Concert in the list. We cannot praise your Klezmer music enough. Again, please accept our thanks and appreciation for your music and contribution to the Orange County Jewish Community.

Very Truly,

Gordon R.A. Fishman M.D.