April 4, 2008

You might think a wedding band isn't something you'd "shop" for over the Internet. And that's certainly what we thought. But we also really wanted a klezmer band with a gypsy repertoire. And we didn't happen to know any of those in southern California.

So we searched and we Googled and we found the OC Klezmers. And from their web site we could at least tell that they were generally the type of band we were looking for. What we couldn't tell, though, was if they would really be up to maintaining the high spirit of the wedding we had in mind. And, really, there's no way to tell if a band can do that unless you actually get to see them first or if somebody else can confirm it.

Well, this is to confirm that the OC Klezmers can more than keep up with anything your wedding demands of them. And, more importantly than you may appreciate in advance, they are willing and able to follow your lead the whole time.

Not only did this group keep our dance floor hopping hour after hour, but they also remained consistently attuned to how we wanted things to go throughout the event. When it was time for a change of pace from old world shtetl barn-burners to modern pop standards, they were ready to make that turn on a dime. And then back again. When we needed an announcement from the podium, their singer was ready to address the crowd. And when we wanted a steady stream of music without a lot of "MCing" from the bandstand, the OC Klezmers and their singer just kept it coming.

And what a singer, by the way! We had a reasonable idea in advance what the band was going to sound like, but the singer was a major unknown X factor for us, since we hadn't heard her. All we could do, really, was hope for the best. Which was exactly what we got.

Our wedding really was a blast--in large part because our dance floor really was full the whole time. And it absolutely was the band that made that happen. We were getting compliments on them from everybody. Honestly, we could not have found better than the OC Klezmers to play our wedding music. And while we were basically lucky to choose so well just from an Internet search, anybody who reads this now may consider themselves well advised that if you're looking for a klezmer band, this is the one you want.

Limor and Lyle Z.
Los Angeles, CA