February 8, 2005

Mr Barry Friedland
Orange County Klezmers

Dear Barry,

On behalf of the entire Jewish community of Yorba Linda and North County Chabad, I would like to thank you and your group for an amazing performance at our first Jewish Music Festival! Your music struck a chord in my heart and I felt like dancing! I never, ever get up in front of a crowd and start dancing, but I couldn't help myself. Your music transported me to another time and place and I felt a connection to the music of my Jewish ancestors.

As I had promised, on February 6,2005, I did mail a glowing letter of recommendation to the banquet chairwoman requesting that she consider hiring your group for the upcoming Jewish Genealogical Conference in Las Vegas in July. As I had written, your music is authentic Jewish music from countries in the Pale. I wrote that, "it was like listening to the music that my ancestors would have listened to back in their shtetl." It was wonderful and I am so excited that I want others to hear it too.

In closing, I again want to say how much I enjoyed your performance on stage! I was truly touched deeply and look forward to seeing you perform again, hopefully, in July!

Sincerest wishes,

Linda Rattner Nunn